Xtreme™ Minimally Invasive Lumbar Fusion

Xtreme™ Lumbar Fusion


Spine23's patented wire screw technology allows the smallest incision profile for lumbar pedicle screw fusion and TLIF.  Xtreme™ TLIF (1 and 2 levels) can be done through a single dime sized midline incision or bilateral dime sized Wiltse incisions. 

Outpatient Lumbar Fusion


Spine23's Xtreme™ MIS lumbar fusion allows 1 and 2 level lumbar fusions and TLIF surgeries to be performed safely in the outpatient setting and ASC.  Xtreme™ MIS can unleash the full potential of recent advancements in anesthesia as well as expandable cage technology, robotics, and endoscopy. 

Xtreme™ Backup Fusion


Spine23 's Xtreme™ MIS posterior lateral lumbar fusion perfectly complements anterior (ALIF) and lateral (LLIF) approaches for interbody cage placement.  One and two level pedicle screw fusions can be performed through a single midline or bilateral Wiltse incisions as small as 12mm.


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